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The unexpected leak of the Fetty Wap sex tape has led to an interesting few days for the Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star, especially since it’s been reported that the only people who had the tape are Fetty and his co-star Alexis Sky.
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Why am i upset that my ex is dating

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When you've shared your life with someone, it can feel excruciating when you learn he's now enjoying his favorite sushi restaurant with another person.It's important to move past this feeling, as otherwise you risk becoming an amateur detective who is focused on her ex's life to the detriment of her own.When my ex-boyfriend and I broke up after being together for almost a year, he said he was too young to be tied down to just one girl and he had too many things on his plate (his school, his band, etc).At first I thought he just didn’t want me to move on from him, but then he called me and told me he missed being in a relationship with me and that he missed me since I hadn’t talked to him for three days).

If this feels too painful, you may not have allowed yourself to fully grieve the end of your relationship.You may find that you are surprised at the depth of your reaction. Your ex getting married is the divorce equivalent of pulling the plug. But you also don’t have to allow the news to derail you. Here are 7 reasons that the news of your ex’s nuptials are hitting you hard. It’s Really and Truly Over You already knew it was over. In some deep, dark recesses of your mind, you may have been harboring dreams of reuniting and returning to the halcyon days. The new marriage is separate from the end of your marriage. The Shock Stings Even if you knew your ex was dating, the news of a wedding may come as a shock. Worry less about the replacement and more about you.After you've discovered your ex is dating another person, it's hard to resist checking social-media sites for new photos of the new couple's exploits.Mutual friends in the know may be forthcoming with details as well.Here was a person who could meet your needs the way you have always wanted. You are justified in your anger, yet anger is a way to stay connected to someone, albeit not a positive way. And it is more difficult still when you occasionally interact with the wonderful, caring side of him.