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A major population growth was already occurring in the former at the onset of the Late Glacial Maximum.

Population growth was not linear but rather reflected local circumstances, both external and internal.

Archaeogenetic studies, which examine contemporary geographical variations in the frequencies of various genetic markers have not succeeded in addressing the complex Neolithisation process at the required level of spatial and temporal resolution.

Moreover, these studies are based on modern populations, and their interpretive genetic maps are often affected by post-Neolithic dispersals, migrations, and population movements in Eurasia.

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The p IRIR signals are weak, and 14 potsherds were rejected on this basis.

Of the remainder, 3 were confidently identified as outliers.

Learn More Neolithization processes in the Levant differed from those in Europe.a bioarchaeological investigation into the nature of the Neolithic transition Link broke, only HTML available!ABSTRACT – There is a growing body of evidence that the spread of farming in Europe was not a single uniform process, but that it involved a complex set of processes such as demic diffusion, folk migration, frontier mobility, and leapfrog colonisation.It’s well worth a read if you are interested in the Natufians and other ancient farming groups from the neolithic.Interestingly, it observes that the Anatolians of Catal Hoyuk seem very different to thsoe of Cayonu. Miller, University of Pennsylvania Museum July 23, 2017 Albert, R.