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Unfortunately, it seems to have several bugs that prevent it from being a premere quality warrior. Here is the list of buffs that are exceptionally good on the golem. Golem starts with special weapon feats, including focus and specialization on "creature weapon". a) 10 Tumble - With no armor penalty, you have an excellent chance of tumbling in combat successfully. If you stocked up on Shield scrolls (or use console to simulate it, or scribe them), this is a decent option for hard fights. And finally, once you beat up on the second Shadow Reaver and get the Tome of Ilthikar or whatever, you can talk to Grobnar and he will upgrade the golem. Still, it beats the other options that don't even do anything!I have been having problems with launching Neverwinter Nights 2 ever since I updated to Sierra.

The ones, whose completion is completely independent of the maim plot, have been discussed at the very end of this guide.

It is a good candidate for when you have done the campaign several times. At the part where you attack Crossroad Keep and get to Aldanan, look at the bookcases. If you bungled this, I believe the book will be available in your library. k) Make the rounds, grabbing all NPCs you need to take to the keep. Your final dirty option is to use the console to give yourself 150000XP and level to 20, taking the appropriate craft skill.

Golem doesn't have opinions and things that make the game interesting. This is the first step of three towards getting the golem. With ELAINE in party, you can understand it, feed it the Insect Collection. I believe the room also has some crafting stations. Finish ruins area as normal and return to keep whenever you are ready. You can find gloves of greater artificing by the time you get the golem. Your third stacking buff is to cast Greater Heroism on yourself. All told, you get up to 14 to all skills with all these active, plus whatever INT bonus you may happen to have naturally.

Mask of the Betrayer continues the story of Neverwinter Nights 2 by following the fictional main character, the Shard-bearer, who is afflicted by a curse that requires the devouring of spirits (and occasionally souls) to survive, and the character's quest to determine the nature of the curse.

The game takes place in two nations of the Forgotten Realms, Rashemen and Thay, which are considered part of Faerûn's "Unapproachable East." The expansion received generally favorable reviews upon its release.