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Updating certifier id entry not found in

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IMHO, Domino/Notes is the greatest, albeit proprietary, groupware solution currently available.

Besides e-mail to-do, personal/group calendars, and personal/group address books, it lets you build shared knowledge databases, and generally improve team-work through workflow.

Depending on the reason for the failure, make the required correction and then perform one of the following steps: When you run the Connector Installer, it copies the connector files and external code files to destination directories on the Oracle Identity Manager host computer. Installing the Connector in an Oracle Identity Manager Cluster While installing Oracle Identity Manager in a cluster, you must copy all the JAR files and the contents of the directory into the corresponding directories on each node of the cluster.

See Table 2-1 for information about the files that you must copy and their destination locations on the Oracle Identity Manager server.

I hope this system will last for the next 25 more years!

IBM wake up, this has helped developing nations like the Philippines go into paperless transaction.

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(Most of the forms have fill-in fields, but some forms are still in the process of conversion.) You will be able to save and reuse these PDF forms.Hi Domino Gurus, Lotus Domino Server got migrated to new Domino Server by retaining Server and Cert ID.However, the server and cert id passwords are unknown/lost.The Domino Administrator wants to reconfigure Server with new server and cert id.There are some databases residing inside the server and one significant domino database.Note (no pun intended): Although Lotus' marketing literature doesn't always stick to this view of things, Domino is now supposed to mean the server, while Notes is the client side.