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He started out as a contestant for Eat Bulaga’s Little Miss Philippines when he was still three years old, eventually becoming a regular member of the noontime show.

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“We have ushers and usherettes in traditional uniforms, an intermission, popcorn sold on an ushers tray, retro sweets and local ice cream for sale.” Darren said that everyone they had spoken to about the business venture had been totally behind them - local people, venue owners and the film industry.

He said: “We’ve invested heavily on the latest projection and on equipment to ensure a high quality experience and when coupled with the unique and unusual locations, audiences will be blown away.” Highlights include Four Weddings and A Funeral screened in the very location where it was filmed; The Dark Knight in the Hellfire Caves at Wycombe; Night at the Museum at the Natural History Museum in Tring; and Paddington at the Buckinghamshire Railway Centre where visitors will be greeted by Paddington himself, offering a marmalade sandwich before visitors watch the film sitting between two vintage trains.

M Any member can "Host" an event whether in their home or in a public space. This group is known for being warm and welcoming to new members.

We find the simpler the event the better...walks, meet for coffee, movies, book club, etc. If romance blossoms from within the "hive", that's wonderful. So.....hikers, bikers, shoppers, readers, dog lovers, dancers, diners, political folk, professional or retired Lesbians...... Event Hosts and members readily introduce themselves at meetups and soon you will be doing the same!

In Europe, particularly in Scandinavia, there are large Mesolithic shell middens, or rubbish dumps, attesting to high consumption of seafood.

Mesolithic people seem to have returned to certain places seasonally, or perhaps less frequently than once a year.

Rewley Road: Taking 4 years and funded by £4 million from the Heritage Lottery Fund and the University of Oxford, Rewley Road, the former Oxford Rewley Road station was dismantled, moved and re-erected to its current location at Quainton in 2001.

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We know all our members personally, we meet them, chat with them, spend time with them, so we can form an informed, rounded view which helps us find the right potential match.

The Mesolithic period, meaning Middle Stone Age, dates from the end of the last Ice Age, around 10,000 BC.

It is a period where people could move around more easily because the ice sheets that had covered large areas of Europe and Britain were receding.

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