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Bad ideas to handle it are: splitting into multiple files to work around this problem, using the meta-refresh tag, setting unique identifiers and store them in session or in hidden fields, checking for duplicates after resubmission, using javascript…

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If there was a reason for the delay in running the payroll before year end, then I suppose you may have a reasonable cause to do so, but trying to abuse the spirit of the law is unacceptable and the IRS does not allow this practice. The payroll was and continues to be scheduled for 1/8; they just want to date it 12/31 so that the new payroll company will not have to re-enter an already processed payroll when they take over at the next period.

I'm debating about having a friend make a big stink over it (admitedly, "sour grapes" driven) because I feel it's wrong - and they've made poor choices in getting to this point and into this mess.

Backdating requires Intuit to rework payroll amounts from liabilities to W-2 totals to ensure accuracy for your filing, which can be a time-intensive process.(My perception is that this is to facilitate the change from in-house to out-sourced payroll).I believe that this is not allowed, but I can't find solid substantiation other than the IRS' definition of contructive receipt.All of these employees think they've received all of their 2008 wages, but this little manipulation is being thrown in and will also throw off annual salaries.The topic of executive compensation has long been of interest to academics, the popular press, and politicians.With the continued increase in executive compensation and resultant increase in pay disparity between those executives and the average worker, this issue is once again coming to the forefront of the public policy debate.