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Christian Science Monitor (furzy) Members of Trump’s Club Can Just Pose With the President’s Nuclear Codes Guy Now Gizmodo Donald Trump Is Selling Access to the ‘Winter White House’ for 0,000 The Nation (resilc) Klein Takes New Role Exposing “Hidden Agenda” of Trump’s Disaster Capitalism Common Dreams (martha r) Libertarians split with Trump over controversial police tactic Fox (furzy) The National Park Service Goes Rogue Jacobin (furzy) What Geology Has to Say About Building a 1,000-Mile Border Wall Smithsonian (guust) Republicans to predatory companies: Grab as much as you can Washington Post (Doug Smith) Beyond Resistance Jacobin (User Friendly). It’s not clear whether Occupy would have grown up into being an effective focal point for bona fide leftist energies, but it needs to be well understood that it never had the chance.

Bernie Sanders cries foul over canceled town hall meeting in West Virginia Washington Post (furzy) Oklahoma Lawmakers Want Men to Approve All Abortions Intercept Democracy Without the People n 1 (martha r) Obamacare Florida Town Hall Erupts When GOP Official Spouts ACA ‘Death Panels’ Line Talking Points Memo. ​I was surprised how many passionate people were there.” Conservatives Take Hard Line On Obamacare Repeal, Putting GOP In A Bind Huffington Post (furzy)Expert: What You Need To Know About The Oroville Dam Crisis Chris Martenson, You Tube. Consistent with reader bob’s observations in Water Cooler yesterday.

The Obama Administration fought tooth and nail for an unqualified Lazard international mergers partner, Antonio Weiss, to have the number 3 job in Treasury, overseeing domestic banking regulations (note that due to the regulatory complexity guys who do bank M&A pretty much do only that, and Weiss was not one of them).

Federal judge says court proceedings will continue on Trump’s travel ban The Hill Trump’s Watered-Down Ethics Rules Let a Lobbyist Help Run an Agency He Lobbied Pro Publica (User Friendly) EPA scientists held back from conference: Cost-cutting or something more? The movement was exactly two months old when it was crushed by a coordinated 17 city paramilitary crackdown, as we chronicled at the time.

It was traditional for boys to swim naked and no one saw any reason to break with the tradition until cultural mores changed radically after the 1960s.

People who didn’t experience this find it hard to believe.

You might be spied in a lingerie store by a secret camera or traced using a computer chip in your car, your clothes or your skin.

is 100 or more, give her a diamond engagement ring and you shall live happily ever after????? Just one word of advice; If she gets pregnant, make sure to clear the cookies from your computer before you start again.When we went to the pool our tour guide said, “you men will probably remember the barbaric practice of having to swim naked.” I protested, “it wasn’t barbaric, it was a good tradition.” A couple of the guys in our group, with whom I probably had swimming classes, nodded in agreement.The guide asserted, “Well, I think it was barbaric.I`m really not a fan of the gameplay as it becomes dragging and more of a click-fest, remember-the-pattern kind of game in the latter days. I still encounter bugs while playing the game though.Looking forward to the LOP Gold version of this game!So if the Kremlin is worried, how exactly is Trump a Putin stooge? Vanity Fair (resilc) Steven Mnuchin Is Confirmed by Senate to Be Treasury Secretary Bloomberg More Wall Street Bankers Set to Join Donald Trump’s Treasury Department Salon.