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Britta Perry: [while reading Abed's notebook] Oh my God, are you charting our menstral cycles?

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We have almost all of the mass, got the vows, missed the end because I was the best man and nobody was watching the camera, and it quit at the 40 minute mark.A very fortunate thing, as the go-pros that were supposed to be recording failed for some reason.Please enable cookies in your browser, and try to log in again. For more information about browser cookies, click here.

Trump and his billionaire cabinet wouldn’t understand this because they don’t have to drink water polluted with coal ash or breathe air contaminated with methane.

Intel offers a huge selection of high quality surveillance cameras and related products for all kinds of purposes.

Intel, one of the largest distributor of surveillance products in the world!

[_descriptive_paragraph] = Donald Trump wants you to think that “regulation“ is a dirty word.

To hear his administration talk about things like the Clean Air Act or the Toxic Substances Control Act, you’d think they only exist to make businesses suffer and waste money.